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Cherry Bombs (episode #1551)

An ornithologist says there’s a growing movement to change the name of a pink-footed bird currently called the flesh-footed shearwater. The movement reflects a growing understanding that using flesh-colored for “pink” fails to...

Cherry Bumps on a Swing

Jean in Thetford, Vermont, remembers using the term cherry bump to refer to that moment when part of a backyard swingset leaves the ground for a moment, then lands with a thump. Another term for it is cherry bomb, which can also be used for a...

Icelandic for Cherry on Top

In Icelandic, the phrase analogous to our cherry on top of the sundae, meaning “a little something extra,” translates literally as “the raisin at the end of the sausage.” This is part of a complete episode.

Heal Before You’re Married

We spoke on a recent show about the joking consolation parents offer to a crying child, “It’ll be better before you’re married.” A podcast listener in Siberia emailed to say that in Russian, a similar saying translates to...

Cherry Lifesaver

Why shouldn’t it be a term of endearment to call someone a cherry Lifesaver? Cherry’s the best flavor! This is part of a complete episode.

graveyard spiral

graveyard spiral  n.— «He told naval authorities that while he was over Cherry Point in thick clouds at 40,000 feet the Banshee suddenly went out of control and nosed into a “graveyard spiral,” a downward banking motion at...

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