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Chuck in Dallas, Texas, is a member of an online group of Winnebago Solis owners and would-be Winnebago Solis owners. They’re having a big debate over whether the would-be RV owners are properly called wannabees with two Es or wannabes with...

Throw in the Towel

The phrase throw in the towel, meaning to give up, originated in the world of boxing. An earlier phrase from the same sport that carried the same metaphorical meaning is chuck in the sponge. This is part of a complete episode.

Chuck It vs. Chunk It

A truck driver in Tucson, Arizona, has a dispute with her boyfriend: If you toss something out, do you chuck it or chunk it? This is part of a complete episode.

Jockey Box

A bartender wonders about the origin of the term jockey box. In his world, a jockey box is a metal container for ice. However, in some parts of the western U.S., a jockey box is the glove compartment of a car, and much earlier, the term referred to...

windshield cowboy

windshield cowboy  n.— «Instead of the customary chuck wagon, the participating cowboys and a number of “windshield cowboy” spectators ate their barbecue dinner at the auction after the herd was penned.» —“Cowboys Push...


shamburger  n.— «Nursing A Beef With Shamburgers.…Lots of chefs in nonburger eateries think ground chuck is tacky. They’ve created a Mutant Burger epidemic, tweaking their beef with all kinds of oddball cuts and stuffings...