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Chunky Candy Bar Name

Philip Silvershein, inventor of the Chunky candy bar, named those trapezoidal chocolate treats after his granddaughter. She was so chubby as a baby that she was fondly known as Chunky. This is part of a complete episode.

Chuck It vs. Chunk It

A truck driver in Tucson, Arizona, has a dispute with her boyfriend: If you toss something out, do you chuck it or chunk it? This is part of a complete episode.

free surf

free surf  n.— «During an early lull in the one-hour final, before anyone had taken a wave, someone made a suggestion: Why not share the $75,000 in prize money up for grabs instead of dishing a big chunk ($30,000) to the winner? It was...


apatheism  n.— «I think you’ll find that the stance of simply not caring much about God or religion (“apatheism” in the jokey parlance) is much less common than you imagine. It seems to be growing as people get wealthier, but a...

chicken head

chicken head n. in skiing and other snow-based sports, a small chunk of frozen snow; in climbing, a small, round protrusion on a rock face. Editorial Note: A common but unrelated general meaning of chicken head is “a loose or immoral woman...