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Make A Train Take A Dirt Road

Remember the classic films Dogumentary and $3000? Those were their working titles, before they became Best In Show and Pretty Woman. We look at how movie titles evolve and change. Also, is Spanglish a real language? And balaclavas, teaching your...

Traditional Southern Names

Long live Southern names! Classics like Henry Ritter Emma Ritter Dema Ritter Sweet Potatoe Creamatartar Caroline Bostick go way back, but the tradition is still alive and well. This is part of a complete episode.

Working Titles

Would some Hollywood classics still have been box-office hits if they’d stuck with their original names? Take Anhedonia, which later became Annie Hall. Or $3000, which became Pretty Woman. And can you guess the eventual title of the movie...

Classics Class Quiz

To-ga! To-ga! To-ga! John Chaneski’s latest quiz, “Classics Class,” has the hosts rooting around for the ancient Greek and Latin origins of English words. This is part of a complete episode.


backpacker  n.— «This is the main thing i detest about these corny, revisionist backpackers : they’re all newjacks who started listening to rap in the 1993 when “36 chambers” came out and have no concept or understanding of early 80s rap...


twenty-footer  n.— «The Packard had been fully restored, but the GTO needed significant work. Ray calls it a “20-footer,” enthusiast parlance for a car that looks good from 20 feet or more, but reveals a number of problem areas...