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Punctuating “Guess What”

Guess what! Or would that be Guess what? A Honolulu listener asks about the right way to punctuate this interjection. Should you use an exclamation mark or a question mark? How about an interrobang or a pronequark? This is part of a complete episode.

Fillet and Flay

You can tell someone’s an A Way with Words listener when they confess to lying awake at night wondering about questions like, “Are the words fillet and flay etymologically related?” This is part of a complete episode.


thoughtprint  n.— «A thoughtprint is unconscious communication hidden within verbal or written communication. The unconscious mind is communicates constantly and typically hides its messages in verbal or written communication generated by...

A Whole New Ball Game

A listener from Texas heard an NPR report from Asia in which an interpreter translated a speaker’s words into English as “a whole new ball game.” He wants to know if that’s a literal translation from an Asian language, and if...

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