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Basque, A Language Isolate

The state of Idaho has a large community of Basque speakers. Their native tongue is what’s known as a language isolate, meaning one that is not historically connected to those around it. This is part of a complete episode.

We did it!

This year, we did what we set out to do. First, we made great radio. Second, we drew big crowds to support a literacy nonprofit in Dallas. We did it again to support community college scholarships in San Diego. Third, we read thousands of emails...

Remembering Merl Reagle

The crossword puzzle community lost an exceptional man when Merl Reagle died recently. Reagle was a gifted puzzle writer and a lovely person who gave his crosswords a sense of life outside the arcane world of word puzzles. This is part of a complete...

Capitalizing I

Does capitalizing the pronoun I feel like aggrandizing your own self-importance? Timna, an English Composition professor at an Illinois community college, reports that a student refused to capitalize this first person pronoun, arguing that to do so...