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boojack n. a newspaper boy who attracts customers with shouts. Editorial Note: The most similar word I could find was bootjack, ‘a contrivance for pulling off boots,’ but the similarity is superficial. Another similar word, and more interesting in...

haji mart

haji mart n. among American military in Iraq and Afghanistan, a flea market, bazaar, or roadside vendor. Editorial Note: Often capitalized as if it is a proper noun, probably by comparison to American retail chains “Wal-Mart” and...


toolie n. in Australia, an older man who preys on or interferes with teenagers celebrating the end of final year secondary school exams. Etymological Note: Perhaps related to tool ‘a stupid person’ by comparison with schoolie ‘a student celebrating...


chevrolegs n.pl. a jocular reference to one’s legs, particularly by comparison to an automobile. Etymological Note: Automobile brand Chevrolet + legs (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)