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Groovy Slang Origins

David in Livingston, Montana, heard a 1954 radio show in which Frank Sinatra used the phrase sweet and groovy, like a nine-cent movie. Was the word groovy really around in those days? Yes, by 1937, the term had filtered into the mainstream from the...

Episode 1536

The Black Dog

Books were rare treasures in the Middle Ages, painstakingly copied out by hand. So how to protect them from theft? Scribes sometimes added a curse to the first page of those books that was supposed to keep thieves away — and some were as vicious as...

Venn Diagram Brain Teaser

This week’s puzzle by Quiz Guy John Chaneski is inspired by the drawings used by logicians — that is, each answer rhymes with the term Venn Diagram. For example, a map of nearby marshlands isn’t a Venn Diagram, it’s a… This...

Cold Feet at the Altar Palindrome

Word-unit palindromes are palindromes where all the words read the same back and forth, like this SymmyS winner, titled “Cold Feet at the Altar”: Say I do? What do I do? What do I say?! This is part of a complete episode.