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Ping, as in ping me, meaning “contact me,” comes from the onomatopoeic ping we get from technology such as sonar. This is part of a complete episode.


angu-apatheism  n.— « Angu-apatheism—not caring whether or not there is a God, but still wondering what you did that has Him so pissed off at you. » —“Re: apathy” by Greg Garland Usenet: alt.angst Oct. 4, 1990...

finger trouble

finger trouble  n.— «Sure we have all had disk problems, but what percentage of these were not associated with writing/deleting/finger-trouble/bad-handling—extremely small!» —“Re: software protection – dongles & other...


shoefiti  n.— « Shoefiti…Beginning last fall, I started sending “Street Light Outage” reports to Xcel whenever I spotted a pair of shoes on lines in our fair city. » —“Shoefiti” by Ed Kohler in...

tanker yanker

tanker yanker
 n.— «Aka “Slick,” The Tanker Yanker from Leamen.» —“Re: where do truckers access Internet??” by Ryan Usenet: misc.transport.trucking Nov. 28, 1995. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

meat diaper

meat diaper  n.— «Grab a Ziploc for the head and a meat diaper for all the juice!» —“It’s true! Maltin gave it three stars!” by Bonnie S. Walling Usenet: rec.arts.tv.mst3k.misc Mar. 8, 1997. (source: Double...