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Episode 1544

Hog on Ice

One secret to writing well is … there is no secret! There’s no substitute for simply sitting down day after day to practice the craft and learn from your mistakes. Plus, childhood mixups around word definitions can lead to some funny stories...

Couch, Sofa, Davenport, and Chesterfield

Vince in Norristown, Pennsylvania, is pondering whether the terms couch, sofa, and davenport are all regional terms for the same piece of heavy furniture. The short answer is that throughout the United States, the term couch is the most common...

House Gravity

What do you call that force that keeps you lounging on the couch rather than get up the energy to go outdoors? A listener calls it house gravity. This is part of a complete episode.

Couch Potato

What’s the origin of the term couch potato? Grant has the story of the guys credited with coining this term for boob-tube aficionados. This is part of a complete episode.