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A Cold, The Flu

Why do we say someone has a cold when we say someone else has the flu, and another person has croup? This is part of a complete episode.

Sunday Throat

Your dining companion suddenly starts choking. Once his coughing subsides, he exclaims, “Whew! Something when down my Sunday throat!” Sunday throat? Martha explains this odd expression. This is part of a complete episode.

purple drank

purple drank  n.— «“Half these dudes dropped out of junior high,” he said, pointing to several friends standing with him sipping from plastic foam cups of “Purple Drank,” a brain-battering draft of prescription-strength codeine cough syrup...

triple C

triple C  n.— «Videos are being posted online by teenagers on cough medicine, and the street term for this is “robotripping” or “triple c,” named after the two most popular brands, Robitussin and Coricidin...


spook  n.— «Sandi has a chronic cough after surviving a fire at the track last year. Marco because he’s a “spook,” what the industry calls extremely shy dogs.» —“45-mph couch potatoes” by T.D. Mobley...


shotgunnin  v.— «The old policy of taking medicine for a cough, of having a favorite cough medicine, of generally shotgunning, beyond question was harmful.» —“How to Keep Well” by W.A. Evans Chicago Daily...