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Galooly, Galoot

A man in Rupert, Vermont, says his wife affectionately calls him a big galooly. It’s unclear where that word might have come from, although it might derive from galoot. This is part of a complete episode.

Different From vs. Different To

When comparing two things, what’s the correct word to use after the word different? Is it different than or different from? In the United States, different from is typical, and almost always the right choice. In Britain, the most common phrase...

Apple Core, Baltimore!

A Madison, Wisconsin, caller says his father will eat an apple down to the core, then call out “Apple core, Baltimore! Who’s your friend?” and if the person doesn’t answer fast enough, his dad will throw the core at him. This...

Deja You

What do you call the phenomenon of running into a dear friend you haven’t seen in decades? Deja you, maybe? This is part of a complete episode.