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Another Country Heard From

Another country heard from is a joking remark you may hear after a baby squalls. The original phrase, another county heard from, was used in the 19th century to announce election results as they slowly trickled in. This is part of a complete episode.

Another Country Heard From

A grandmother in Ferndale, California, wonders about a phrase her own grandmother used. If one of the grandchildren walked into a room and joined a conversation already taking place, she’d exclaim, “Oh! Another country heard from!”...

Sacred Heart Breakers

Offbeat mascot names from Montana include the Powell County Wardens (so named because the high school is in the same county as the Montana State Prison), and the Missoula Loyola Sacred Heart Breakers. This is part of a complete episode.

Another Country Heard From

A San Diego woman says that when her baby starts crying in another room, her in-laws have a habit of saying, “Another country heard from!” This expression’s roots go back to elections in the 19th century, and was originally...

county store

county store  n.— «Whelan said the county appropriated but never spent $30,000 from its 2009 budget for setting up a “county store,” a term for a multipurpose government office in a public place like a mall.» —“Plan would...

split bit

split bit  n.— Note: “Bit” is well-established slang meaning “prison term.” «Under the state laws that govern sentencing, grand larceny is considered a non-violent crime, and it carries no mandatory minimum prison...