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murphy style

murphy style  n.— «I ask this question in the Christmas section because you always see gift packs with coffee beans and it’s not instant coffee. And I am always worried that the gift receipient doesn’t have a coffee maker. Yes, you can...

belly wadding

belly wadding  n.— «In the cowboy movies we often see cow punchers and gunfighters pull out what appears to be a short strip of leather and chew away on it—somewhat of a substitute for ribs and beans when they were on the trail or when...


Buckaroo is an English word adapted from the Spanish word vaquero, meaning “cowboy.” Is there a specific term for the linguistic process whereby such words are adapted into English? This is part of a complete episode.

Cowboy Up and Money Bomb

In this week’s episode of Slang This!, Dave Dickerson from the National Puzzlers’ League tries to guess the meaning of the terms cowboy up and money bomb. This is part of a complete episode.

latching on

latching on  n.— «Linda Parker, the instructor, shimmies to the right and then to the left, her tan, pointy cowboy boots gliding across the carpet. Her thumbs are tucked into her black belt, a practice called “latching on.” “The reason you...

crematoria cowboy

crematoria cowboy  n.— «The Church of England is taking steps to ban “ash cash” payments to clergy for taking funerals at churches and crematoria. Instead, the money will go direct to dioceses. The move will stamp out the “crematoria...

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