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Some people are using the word fingature to mean that scribble you do on an electronic pad when asked to sign for a credit card payment. This is part of a complete episode.


Before the days of the Square, vendors had to run a credit card through rough, bulky machine called a knucklebuster that had the capacity to do just that. This is part of a complete episode.

Immense Relief

Uh-oh. Your credit card’s missing. As you frantically search for it, your mind fast-forwards through the bad things that could happen if it’s been stolen. Then, to your enormous relief, you find the card. Is there a specific word for the...

roll rate

roll rate  n.— «We’re in the late stages of the financial disaster of 2008, but another crisis looms: The consumer recession. According to the Wall Street Journal, more and more credit-card holders are falling behind on their payments and...

pocket litter

pocket litter  n.— «Because the format of the data in the current database is “complex, undocumented, and brittle,” some significant data will be lost when the system is replaced by Railhead, according to the congressional...

credit-card banging

credit-card banging  n.— «But in those early years, with credit-card numbers circulating among unscrupulous Web masters and affiliates, various frauds proliferated. Prime among them was “credit-card banging,” whereby a person subscribing...