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Mortarville  n.— «A detention facility by the Iranian border lost their doc cuz he had an irregular heart beat & went for eval in germany, so I get to play prison doc for a couple 2-3 weeks, then back to Mosul (mortarville…..)...


pitching  n.— «All of that in one day, cuz there is no plan B for me man. If this rap s**t don’t work, I’m right back on the corner pitching rocks.» —“Tony Yayo: O.G. (Original Guerilla)” by Matt Barone AllHipHop...


 n.— «Cuz she dont speak foblish and you do.» —“the SAMAR thread” by FariMaMa in Florida Islamica Community Forums Nov. 8, 2002. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

durrty durrty

durrty durrty  n.— «New York, cuz while I’d love to hit up the durrty durrty, I won’t be able to…depends when I guess.» —“the reunion: where do you live?” by Marvulus Trickology Oct. 10, 2004. (source:...


backpacker  n.— «If you wanna battle, nerdy-ass backpacker style and see who can throw out the most obscure, old-school, underground, unheard of ass joints then step right up son, you will lose quick, fast in a hurry. I know it taxes your...


 adj.— «da internet is running so slow cuz, it’s makin me all buckaloose. I mean fa real kine I’m gonna break yo face.» —by Alfred Pennyworth Ultrablognetic Sept. 22, 2002. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)