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Archaic Word Brain Teaser

Quiz Guy John Chaneski’s latest brain teaser is about archaic words. For example, what does the following sentence mean? “Three times in the last decade the Duchess of Cambridge has experienced accouchement.” This is part of a...

Who Decides Decade Names?

Danielle in Los Angeles, California, wonders: If we call the 1960s the Sixties, what will we call the decade we’re now in? And will the next decade be the 2020s? How do these names get decided anyway? This is part of a complete episode.


A decade is ten years. A century is a hundred. But what do you call a period of five years? It’s a lustrum, borrowed whole from Latin. So you might say a decade is two lustra. This is part of a complete episode.

Happy Palindrome Day

Happy Palindrome Day--or, if you prefer, "011110 Day"--from your friends at "A Way with Words"! Lots to report from Language Land: First, there are a number of recent full-length episodes you may not have...

Words of the Decade

Enough about the Word of the Year. How about the Word of the Decade? Bailout? Google? Martha and Grant discuss some candidates. Also in this episode, does speaking a different language make you feel different emotions? What did Don Draper on Mad Men...

molecular condom

molecular condom  n.— «For a decade now, scientists have been working to develop an HIV-blocking vaginal gel, a microbicide often called a molecular condom.» —“Better than a Condom?” by Jeneen...