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Schippen, the Pout Face

Gary in Denton, Texas, is looking for a word for the pout that precedes a baby’s wail. The Germans have a word for that: schippchen, which means “little shovel” and refers to the shape of that wet, protruding lower lip. This is...

Found vs. Establish

An eighth-grade history teacher from Denton, Texas, is teaching about colonial America, and wonders if there’s a difference between the phrases to found a colony or establish a colony. This is part of a complete episode.

Now, Look…

A Denton, Texas, caller wonders: Are politicians increasingly starting sentences with the phrase “Now, look…”? This is part of a complete episode.

pamper pole

pamper pole  n.— «The grand finale of the 60-acre course east of Denton is the “pamper pole” or “leap of faith”—the trapeze jump.» —“1, 2, 3…JUMP; Adventure Program Designed To Help People Gain...