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Shaving Yak Hair

Greg in San Antonio, Texas, who works in the tech industry, says he and his co-workers use the phrase shaving yak hair to describe a monotonous, tedious task. The phrase was inspired by a 1991 segment of The Ren and Stimpy Show, in which the title...

More Names for a Dad-Focused Baby Shower

Listeners respond to our discussion about what to call a baby shower for the dad-to-be, suggesting Huggies and chuggies, beer shower, beer for diapers, diaper kegger, baby boot camp, and Baby Fat Tuesday. This is part of a complete episode.

meat diaper

meat diaper  n.— «For instance, a peptide-dye conjugate sandwiched between two membranes could be placed in diapers on which chicken, pork or meat rest in packages. The biosensor would offer consumers an easy-to-comprehend visual signal...

meat diaper

meat diaper  n.— «Grab a Ziploc for the head and a meat diaper for all the juice!» —“It’s true! Maltin gave it three stars!” by Bonnie S. Walling Usenet: rec.arts.tv.mst3k.misc Mar. 8, 1997. (source: Double...

meat diaper

meat diaper  n.— «You won’t find this very easily in a regular supermarket becuase you pay by the weight and blood is heavy, making the price higher. This is why you often find that pad (known as a meat diaper) under the meat to absorb the...

meat diaper

meat diaper n. the absorbent pad packaged between a (styrofoam) tray and meat for sale. Editorial Note: Thanks to Ben Teague for suggesting today’s entry. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)