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sim con

sim con  n.— «But several customers wandered off to look at other cars: DeVilles with vinyl and fabric tops. “They’re sim cons,” said Elliott Moorman, a salesman. “Simulated convertibles. The factory doesn’t do those...


ecotone  n.— «An ecotone is a term from the field of ecology. It is a place where landscapes meet—like field with forest, or grassland with desert. The ecotone is an area of increased richness and diversity where the two communities...

empty chair interview

empty chair interview  n.— «Before Gross could read it to him for his reaction, O’Reilly ended the interview and walked out of the studio. She read the quote anyway. That was wrong. O’Reilly was not there to respond. It’s known in...


unblind  v.— «When a patient is on a double-blind study, there are certain times when the doctor needs to “unblind” them, which is just revealing whatever crap the patient was getting: drug or placebo, etc.» —“Dreamlike...

rebate shop

rebate shop n. a gambling broker which guarantees to return a percentage of every bet to a bettor. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


takeout n. the amount of each bet deducted by a horse-racing track to cover expenses. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)