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gift-giver  n.— «An even smaller, but growing, group are those who call themselves “gift givers” and “bug chasers”—those who actively seek to spread the disease to willing people, and those people who wish to...


follow-on  n.— «Me-too drugs, known in industry parlance as “follow-ons,” are pills that are similar to drugs already on the market and which treat the same disease.» —“‘Me-too’ prescription drugs win support in Tufts...

pump head

pump head  n.— «The syndrome is so pervasive that heart surgeons and cardiologists have coined a term for it: pump head. Some even go so far as to encourage some patients to seek other remedies for their heart disease.» —“Saving the...


rollator  n.— «We have assessed the effect of Zimmer, rollator and gutter frames on 6-min walking distance and on arterial oxygenation during exercise in elderly patients with COPD.» —“The effect of walking aids on exercise capacity...


streetism n. the living of homeless or unmonitored children on the street, especially when related to drugs, disease, crime, or delinquency. Editorial Note: This term appears to be specific to Anglophone Africa. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

discordant couple

discordant couple n. a pair of long-term sexual partners, such as a married couple, in which one is infected with a sexually transmitted disease and the other is not. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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