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noofter  n.— «Ray asks him pretty soon after they meet whether Jim is a “noofter.”….Jim thinks he rather might be, but the writer’s deft plot spine concentrates on Ray gradually coming around to the idea that he might be...


haltura  n.— «This last depicts a theater troupe’s desperate attempts to take a draft of a new play and, with only 20 minutes preparation, present it to the government censor for approval. As it happens, this drama about a revolution on a...


soapedy n. a television show that combines elements of a daytime drama and a comedy. Etymological Note: soap opera + comedy (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


stripping  n.— «Stripping [specific programmes in the same slots across the week] is fine in the early evening, though we should stop transmitting Australian soaps then, and develop our own home-grown drama.» —“The shape of things to...