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Cooter Brown

Who is Cooter Brown? And just how high is he? His name appears in lots of phrases, including “high as Cooter Brown,” “drunk as Cooter Brown,” “dead as Cooter Brown,” “fast as Cooter Brown,” and...

Hair of the Politics that Bit You

Feel like having a little “hair of the dog”? Grant and Martha explain what dog hair has to do with hangover cures. And what do you call it when random objects form a recognizable image, like a cloud resembling a bunny, or the image of Elvis in...

beer tie

beer tie  n.— «Talk to pub landlords and one of the most insistent complaints is something called the “beer tie.” It means that not only must they pay rent to the PubCo that owns their premises—they must buy all their beer from...

power hour

power hour n. celebratory or recreational drinking in which a shot of alcohol is taken each minute for 60 minutes. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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