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Last Syllable Word Quiz

Quiz Guy John Chaneski has a puzzle involving expressions that pair famous people with the last syllables of their names. For example, what kind of drinking vessel might a mustachioed genius named Albert use? This is part of a complete episode.

Drinking Muddy Water

What do you say when someone stands between you and the television? Some people say, “Were you drinking muddy water?” Another option: “I can’t see through your bay window!” This is part of a complete episode.

Daddy Ain’t No Glassmaker

If someone’s standing between you and the TV, you might say “Your daddy ain’t no glassmaker!” Grant and Martha have another version, where you might ask them “Have you been drinking muddy water?” This is part of a...


Say you’ve been busy all semester throwing a Frisbee and drinking juice out of a funnel, and now it’s finals week. How are you going to study? Just get yourself a koofer! These old tests, which some universities keep around in their...

Green’s Dictionary of Slang

Can you guess what a smiley is? No, the other smiley. Or how about tarantula juice? You could, of course, happen upon someone with a muffin top drinking inferior whisky, or you could look these terms up in the new Green’s Dictionary of Slang...