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tik  n.— «Tik, Tuk-Tuk or crystal meth gives adolescents what they want—confidence and a sense of power.» —“The drug that keeps teens from growing up” by Di Caelers Cape Argus (Cape Town, South Africa) June...


clear  n.— «Montgomery reportedly testified Nov. 6, 2003, that in 2001, BALCO founder Victor Conte gave him weekly doses of human growth hormone and a substance called “the clear”—which Montgomery referred to as a “magic...


gank v. to rob, rip off, or con (someone). Editorial Note: See also gank, n. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


gank n. fake illegal drugs sold as real. Editorial Note: See also gank, v. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


gank  n.— «Some involved retaliation for previous killings, others involved dealers seeking revenge on customers who did not pay, and some were reprisals from customers who purchased “gank,” a slang term for fake drugs...


gank  v.— «“Base had just ganked a tweaker,” James said—conned a crack addict out of her money. » —“One sibling resists entangling net, sets eyes on college, future” by Alan Gottleib Denver Post (Colo...