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If your car’s broken down you might say it’s banjaxed, especially if you’re in Ireland. A caller who grew up in Dublin is curious about the word. This is part of a complete episode.

Pulmonic Ingressive

In Ireland you’ll find that some folks have an odd habit of gasping in mid-conversation. A Texan who lived in Dublin for years says he found this speech trait disconcerting. The hosts explain that this “pulmonic ingressive” is...

World Capitol Quiz

Greg Pliska presents a groaner of a quiz about world capitals. Let’s just put it this way: the number of puns in this quiz will be Dublin exponentially. This is part of a complete episode.

free gaff

free gaff  n.— «What happened in the “session house” in Waterford—an open house party known in Dublin as a “free gaff”—can happen anywhere around the country.» —“Sick reality of what has happened that cocaine...