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Black Dutch

The racial descriptor Black Dutch is sometimes used by people who want to disguise someone’s true ethnic origins. Black Irish and Black German are also used. This is part of a complete episode.

Who You Callin’ a Jabroni?

Yo! Who you callin’ a jabroni? And what exactly is a jabroni, anyway? Also, what do vintage school buses and hack writers have in common? Grant and Martha trace the origins of famous quotes, and a listener offers a clever new way to say...

Winklehawks and Motherwit

Is that a winklehawk in your pants? A listener shares this word for those L-shaped rips in your trousers, from an old Dutch term for “a carpenter’s L-shaped tool.” And Grant has a new favorite term, motherwit, meaning “the...

A Louse in a Wrestling Jacket

A California college student is campaigning for international scientific authorities to adopt the slang term hella as an official prefix indicating a huge number. Will he succeed? Also, how to pronounce niche, the regional terms doppick and nixie...

Doppick and Nixie

A veterinarian in Pennsylvania Dutch Country runs into some strange terms. What’s wrong with a dog that’s doppick, or a cat that’s nixie? What does it mean to have your animal dressed? This is part of a complete episode.

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