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ticktock  n.— «As to whether he backed Mr. Geithner’s decision to introduce the bank bailout plan before arriving at specifics, Mr. Summers, well schooled in Washington’s ways, invoked newspaper slang for behind-the-scenes...

New York rain

New York rain
 n.— «“New York rain” is the local term for water that drips, annoyingly, from air-conditioners onto passers-by.» —“Hard rain” in Hong Kong Economist Aug. 3, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

lagniappe semester

lagniappe semester  n.— «Tulane will be running a second spring term starting in mid-May (dubbed, in local parlance, a “Lagniappe Semester”) to keep students on track for graduation.» —“An Economist Visits New...


lattenomics  n.— «Last month Paris became the latest city to feature on what the Economist dubs its “lattenomics” scale, which shows whether currencies are at their “correct” level against the dollar by comparing...


trapo  n.— «In theory, at least, Mrs Aquino has declared her political debts either paid or cancelled: Kabisig can now provide a platform for cleaner forms of political ambition than those of the trapos.» —“Philippines; At arm’s...

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