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What the Blazes? (episode #1562)

What kind of book do people ask for most often in prison? Romance novels? No. The Bible? No. The most requested books by far are … dictionaries! A number of volunteer organizations gather and distribute used dictionaries to help inmates with...


Marian from Schroon Lake, New York, says her family plays an egg-tapping game after every Easter egg hunt. Each player takes an egg and taps it against someone else’s, hoping that their own egg won’t crack. The egg that survives a round...

Dressed Eggs

Deviled eggs, those hard-boiled eggs seasoned with a variety of ingredients, such as chopped pickles or pepper, are sometimes called dressed eggs, particularly in the Southern United States. This is part of a complete episode.

More British vs. American English

In the US, if you step on a piece of Lego, you scream bloody murder; in the UK, you step on a piece of Lego and scream blue murder. Also, in the US, you eat scrambled eggs; in the UK, it’s scrambled egg. This is part of a complete episode.

Sunny-Side Up Eggs

Sunny-side up eggs sometime go by the name looking at you eggs, an apparent reference to how the yolk in the middle of the egg white makes them resemble eyes. A similar idea appears in the German name, which translates as “mirror egg,”...

Old-Fashioned Similes

An old book of similes contains such gems as it’s easy as peeling a hardboiled egg and it’s as hard to shave as an egg. This is part of a complete episode.

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