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Egyptian Card Games

Card games often go by several different names, like Canfield and Nertz, or Egyptian Racehorse and Egyptian Rat Screw, or B.S. and Bible Study. These names, and the rules for each, vary because they’re more often passed from person to person...

Hot Mess

Sneaky contract lingo, advice for writing well, and preserving a dying language. Say you’re scrolling through an online transaction where you’re asked to read the “Terms and Conditions.” Do you actually read them or just check the...

Dark as Egypt

The expression “dark as Egypt” means really dark, and is a reference to the story in the book of Exodus of the ten plagues that descended upon Egypt, the ninth of these being complete darkness. This is part of a complete episode.


al-box  n.— «Seventy-eight fully grown men were fit in two police cars with the capacity of each only 10. Many Egyptian university students must know those cars quite well—they are referred to in Egypt by an English word borrowed into...

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