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Changing How We Read

Remember when the expression “reading a book” meant, well, actually reading a book? Martha and Grant discuss a Los Angeles Times series about how electronic devices are changing the way we read. This is part of a complete episode.


e-discovery  n.— «Many of the lessons learned from the increased use of electronic evidence in civil litigation–“e-discovery,” in the parlance of litigators–may be applied to the burgeoning use of social-networking sites to...

Ig Nobel Prizes

A electronic teenager repellent? An alarm clock that runs away from you to make you’ll wake up? Yep, it’s the Ig Nobel Prizes, those awards for academic research that first makes you laugh and then makes you think. Martha and Grant honor...


V-tail  n.— «Electronic commerce, for all of its ease and convenience, still doesn’t offer the same feeling of browsing a physical store. That’s all about to change, however. The gap is narrowing as retailers enter the Second Life virtual...