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Bogarting Bangers

Has the age of email led to an outbreak of exclamation marks? Do women use them more than men? Also, is there a word for the odd feeling when you listen to a radio personality for years, then discover that they look nothing like your mental picture...

hat catcher

hat catcher  n.— «His interest in the fire department was another thing Elmore Tonini shared with his father: Both were well-known “hat catchers”—a term for a fan of the fire department.» —“Elmore Tonini, church supply...

spud juice

spud juice
 n.— «They sold shine made from potatoes, spud juice at ten bucks a gallon, or let fruit juice stand till it turned and drank that.» —by Elmore Leonard Stick Jan., 1985. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


Yuma  n.— «In Cuban street slang, yuma means a foreigner, more specifically, someone from a non-Spanish speaking European or North American country, and most particularly, from the United States. When someone asks my brother-in-law where...