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swish and spit

swish and spit  n.— «It requires transoceanic vessels to dump ballast water at least 200 miles from shore. Those carrying no ballast must rinse their tanks with salt water, a process known as “swish and spit,” to kill organisms lurking in...

Arizona pinstripes

Arizona pinstripes  n.— «But after a few ruts with one wheel 14 inches above the other and wicked thorns scraping new “Arizona pinstripes” in the finish, it’s clear that not even a sturdy Rent-a-Wreck can make this expedition...


CharMeck  n.— «The idea is modeled on one in Charlotte, N.C. and its surrounding county of Mecklenberg, euphemistically referred to as “CharMeck.”» —“Some city-county services to merge?” by Kimball...

woof it up

woof it up
 v. phr.— «As for trash talk, sure, they’ll woof it up on the court.» —“What’s ‘Hot’ in hoops” by Troy Johnson Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (Ga.) Dec. 19, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

hammer state

hammer state  n.— «Public Safety Director Mike Coppage is tired of hearing Alabama referred to as “a hammer state.” “That means when you are on the interstate and get to Alabama you can step on the pedal and go as fast as...

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