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agreemo n. a memorandum from one nation to another agreeing to the appointment of an ambassador or envoy. Etymological Note: Perhaps from agreement + memorandum. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


agreemo  n.— «Prime Minister has announced the decision to appoint a High Commissioner.…Normally, with respect to other countries, we take four to six weeks to give the Agreemo which is inbuilt in the process since at several levels...


agremo  n.— «The agremo’ of our Ambassador in Bangkok came after 4 months of sending his name from Kathmandu. Now, that he has been recalled again in such a short time, one doesn’t know how long the Thais are going to take to accept...

put in blue

put in blue  v.— «We are very close to an agreement on the Iraq resolution. A draft resolution is being put in blue for a probable vote by the Security Council tomorrow.» —“U.S. envoy to UN says Iraq vote likely Friday” by...

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