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squirrel guard

squirrel guard  n.— «Spidery-looking bits of metal and inexpensive pieces of plastic are at the heart of one of the most important strategies Entergy Texas has to prevent power outages. Commonly called squirrel guards, more than 100,000 of...

technology butler

technology butler n. a hotel employee who troubleshoots Internet access, computers, and other electronic equipment for guests. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


fakenger n. a person who imitates the fashion of, or uses equipment similar to, a bike messenger. Editorial Note: Synonyms are “posenger” and “pretendenger.” Etymological Note: fake + messenger (source: Double-Tongued...

donkey dick

donkey dick  n.— «The term “donkey dick” for example, is used to describe at least three different pieces of Marine equipment: a type of fuel spout, a radio antenna and a mortar-tube cleaning brush.» —by Evan...

snivel gear

snivel gear n. a soldier’s equipment or clothing perceived as providing comfort beyond that which is strictly necessary, such as a poncho, a sweater, gloves, a sleeping bag, etc. Editorial Note: The first cite is a nonce usage unrelated to the term...

snivel gear

snivel gear
 n.— «SNIVEL GEAR = comfort items.» —“A Soldier’s E-Mail Changes Their Equipment” by Joe Katzman Winds of Change.Net Feb. 18, 2003. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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