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Aaron and Erin

Are the names Aaron and Erin pronounced the same? A bicoastal listener insists they should sound different. A longer discussion about Erin vs. Aaron is on the Straight Dope message board. This is part of a complete episode.


mooncrete  n.— «After the movie, we talked about how you would build the moon base and whether you could actually create concrete using the lunar regolith. There was a specialist who designed and worked on something called mooncrete. You...

The Language of Twitter

For a closer look at the language of the twitterati, check out Erin McKean’s recent piece in the Boston Globe. Glossaries of Twitter-related terms can be found at Twittonary, and Twictionary. We didn’t say all the coinages were clever...

thumper truck

thumper truck  n.— «Dawson has deployed three trucks to test 30-square miles that cover neighborhoods and non-residential areas in and around Fort Worth. The trucks emit a vibration into the ground ranging from 10-120 hertz. Small white...