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How We Roll

If you’re serious about writing a memoir, what topics should you include, and what can you leave out? And how honest can you really be about the other people in your life? Some of America’s leading memoirists wrote things they lived to...

First Gentleman

A San Diego resident who grew up in Ethiopia wonders: If U.S. presidents’ wives have always been referred to as the First Lady, what title is appropriate for the male spouse of a head of state? First Gentleman? First Dude? This is part of a...

Abyssinia! Ethiopia!

Why in the world would two people part from each other saying, “Abyssinia!” “Ethiopia!”? The hosts clear up the mystery. This is part of a complete episode.


streetism  n.— «While Circus Ethiopia has sometimes been described as a street-kids circus, Lachance is careful to point out that this is not quite the case. Although the connection to the street is very strong, “you could say that...

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