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Kiss Your Paramour on the Cellar Door

Howdy from your fellow word-wranglers, Martha and Grant! A huge thank-you to all of you who've contributed to our independently produced show in recent weeks--whether it be with a contribution of your phone calls, your emails...

Squeejawed Red-heads and Grockles

In this week’s episode: Just how far back could you go and still understand the English people were speaking? We crank up our trusty time machine to find out. Hint: You’d probably have a tough time getting around in the eighth century...

Bogarting Bangers

Has the age of email led to an outbreak of exclamation marks? Do women use them more than men? Also, is there a word for the odd feeling when you listen to a radio personality for years, then discover that they look nothing like your mental picture...


Grant reports some etymological news: A recent article in the journal American Speech suggests a new source for the term that means “drunk,” blotto. This is part of a complete episode.

Souped Up and Sizzling (full episode)

Like mushrooms in fallen leaves, new words keep popping up overnight. Also, is there an English word that means “the in-laws of your son or daughter“? And what does it mean when someone says, “Well, that was odder than Dick’s...


Obamanomics n. The economic policies of the US government during the Obama administration. Etymological Note: Obama + economics (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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