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optics  n.— «Optics. This euphemism for “spin”—as in “getting the optics right”—is big in Washington. We hope it doesn’t make it to Los Angeles.» —“How cliche” Los Angeles Times Jan. 1, 2008...

dry meat

dry meat  n.—Gloss: a euphemism for bushmeat. «It takes strategic thinking to find monkey meat in New York. Best to avoid the word “monkey,” for one thing — start with something innocuous-sounding, like “dry meat...

cooking accident

cooking accident
 n.— «“Cooking accident” has long been a euphemism for dowry killing in India.» —“Kurdistan’s Fatal Flames” by Kevin Peraino Newsweek Sept. 18, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

post-kinetic environment

post-kinetic environment  n.— «Crocker’s performance was memorable for another show-stopping war euphemism, when he referred to bombed-out Iraqi towns as “post-kinetic environments.”» —“The Iraq War’s Go-To...

people of pallor

people of pallor  n.— «“White” only describes what a few people look like, and it needs a dignified euphemism, like “People of pallor.”» —“Kiss Me—I’m “White’” by Rob Morse San Francisco...

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