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Steamed Bun

This week: Do you ever find yourself less-than-specific about your age? Listeners share some of their favorite phrases for fudging that number, like: “Oh, I’m 29, plus shipping and handling.” Also in this episode: • Since ancient...

Ways to Say Your Age

In our Facebook group, listeners share ways to refer to someone who’s lived a half-century or more: 50-plus, member of the 600 Month Club, 29 plus shipping and handling, the 40th anniversary of my 30th birthday, and Jack Benny-plus. This is...

Fudging Your Age

In a discussion our Facebook group, a woman shares her mother-in-law’s favorite expression for fudging her age. This is part of a complete episode.

Plenty Nine

A witty euphemism from our Facebook group for discussing one’s age: I’m plenty-nine. This is part of a complete episode.

Altered Signs

Members of our Facebook group have been sharing stories of signs altered in funny ways, such as the one that someone with a can of spray paint changed from “No Logging Allowed” to “No Flogging Allowed.” This is part of a...