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Episode 1537

Bug in Your Ear

Is there something inherent in English that makes it the linguistic equivalent of the Borg, dominating and consuming other languages in its path? No, not at all. The answer lies with politics and conquest rather than language itself. Plus: a new...

train wreck

train wreck n. a disaster or failure, especially one that is unstoppable or unavoidable; a disorganized, problematic, or chaotic person or thing; an incongruous situation. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

bitching Betty

bitching Betty  n.— «The best that could be done with the gear was to install inside the cockpit a “bitching Betty,” a computerized female voice that warned the pilot of a planing link failure.» —by Gregory...


rowdy-sheeter  n.— «In a span of two months, more than eight rowdy-sheeters have been axed to death by their rivals. But the police just booked cases and left them without any follow-up action. The failure of police to check the movements...


PMD  n.— «America’s greatest intelligence failure in Iraq was not the WMD we thought were there, but weren’t. It was the PMD we thought weren’t there, but were. PMD in my lexicon, stands for “people of mass destruction...

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