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smark  n.— «Smart mark—(n) an informed fan, who follows the business closely, but lets his hair down to enjoy the show (also “smark”).» —“A Rowdy, Bawdy Brawl” by Alfonso A. Castillo Newsday (Long...


 n.— «Smark or Smart: A fan who understands some of the inner workings of the wrestling business.» —“Be a smark, talk the talk” Sunday Mail (Malaysia) Feb. 11, 2001. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


smark n. a person who enjoys professional wrestling despite its artificiality; (hence) a know-it-all or hyper-critical fan of the sport. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

swamp cooler

swamp cooler  n.— «The link between my office and the AC (more accurately, evaporative cooler, commonly known as “swamp cooler’) closet got flaky every time the fan kicked on.» —“Brian’s Brain: Powerline Pessimism” by...

Finnegan pin

Finnegan pin  n.— «To put the fan together, first you must hacksaw through the bolts of an overhead grate, crawl through the 18-inch rat-infested duct, attach the back fan guard to the steel Finnegan pin, descend a six- story greased...


smirting  n.— «Indulged in a bit of smirting lately? Yes, that’s right, smirting. It’s the new phenomenon of smokers ducking outside the pub or workplace and engaging in a bit of good old-fashioned flirting.» —“Smoke laws fan flames...