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Making a Wine Shop Out of a Raisin

In English, someone who’s making a big deal out of nothing is said to be making a mountain out of a molehill. Other languages use different fanciful images to convey the same idea. In Swedish, the image of someone is “making a hen out of...

Da Vinci Riddle

In Leonardo da Vinci, biographer Walter Isaacson notes that da Vinci was fond of riddles, including this one: Winged creatures will support people with their feathers. This is part of a complete episode.

Feather Merchant

Janine in Charleston, South Carolina, is curious about the derogatory term feather merchant. In the mid-20th century feather merchant was used among members of the military to mean “a weakling,” or “a shirker.” This is part...

In-Flight Lingo

When flight attendants use the terms feather, leather, or fin, they’re talking about “chicken, beef, or fish.” This is part of a complete episode.

heritage callout

heritage callout  n.—Gloss: a design that references a particular ethnic, racial, or national group, such as traditional Native American patterns on products targeted at Native Americans. «The design features several “heritage...


featherwood  n.— «Though Smith’s link to the Aryan Circle is unclear, white supremacist women are often referred to as “featherwoods.” Smith goes by the nickname “Little Feather.”» —“Suspect had possible ties...

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