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Graveyard Stew

A Charlottesville, Virginia, caller says that when she was a child and recovering from an illness, her mother fed her a kind of milk toast she called graveyard stew. Is that strange name unique to her family? This is part of a complete episode.

bad bank

bad bank  n.—Gloss: A government-run bank that intentionally takes on the bad debts and deals of another bank that is in financial jeopardy. «Emanuel Cleaver, a Democrat from Missouri, condemns the term “bad bank.” He says the term does...

Fed put

Fed put  n.— «One of the most reliable and predictable features of the Fed’s monetary policy is action to PREVENT SYSTEMIC FINANCIAL COLLAPSE. If this regularity of policy is what is meant by the “Fed put,” then so be it, but the term...

jingle mail

jingle mail  n.— «I have heard about isolated cases of “jingle mail,” where homeowners have mailed in the keys because they can’t make the payments and no longer have any equity in their homes. That phrase was a prominent...


 n.— «Watersheds, Milksheds, and Foodsheds.» —by W.P. Hedden How Great Cities Are Fed , 1929. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


cabbage  n.— «The most common surgeries used to be tonsillectomy and hysterectomy. Today it’s Cardiac Bypass or “cabbage” in doctor speak, which ironically is the result of not eating any.» —“Big Fat Liars” by Al...

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