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Ketchup and Eggplant

What would you serve a chronic procrastinator? Ketchup. What would you serve a fertility specialist? Eggplant. Martha serves up those and others. This is part of a complete episode.

muti murder

muti murder  n.— Note: “Muti” in several African languages refers to traditional or herbal medicine. «In muti murders, a victim—usually a woman or child—is killed in order to harvest body parts for making muti. It is believed...


embaby n. an (implanted) embryo. Editorial Note: This term appears to be most common among families that have undergone fertility treatment. Etymological Note: embryo + baby (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


embaby  n.— « Out of the 18 eggs retrieved, 15 were M2, 3 were M1 (can someone explain M2 vs M1? I know it has to due with the maturity level). And eve though they fertilized all 18, only 8 fertilized normally. Right now, they will let...


oncofertility  n.— «When a woman is diagnosed with cancer, the first priority is to save her life, said Teresa Woodruff, chief of the Feinberg School’s new fertility preservation division. Today, most patients will survive, but the potent...

nom de womb

nom de womb  n.— «Well, I feel pregnant. Much more so than I did last month with the chemical. This feels like it felt with Joseph, which is reassuring in a way because after all, my entire pregnancy with him was normal and easy, right up...

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