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Kelly day

Kelly day n. a day off or vacation day taken at a scheduled interval in addition to normal time off or vacation. Also Kelly shift. Etymological Note: It has been claimed as early as 1953 that this term comes from Edward Joseph Kelly, mayor of...


twazzock  n.— «The people who kick up a fuss and blame the airport for making them late or forgetting their passport or for generally being a twazzock have to remortgage their house to buy a ticket on the next flight.» —“100% Foo...

Durrty Durrty South

Durrty Durrty South  n.— «About Helios (ATL). No Doubt meets Foo Fighters—Basically, it’s face-melting rock coming atcha harshcore from the Durrty Durrty South.» —“Helios (ATL)” in Atlanta, Ga. puervolume Oct. 10...


snag  n.— «Marty Vanausdol cuts down a burned tree—a snag in fire crew parlance—to clear a safe path along a fire line in West Yellowstone, Mont.» —“Forest Fire Fighters” Portland Oregonian Aug. 18, 2000. (source:...

resume on a rope

resume on a rope
 n.— «Any retarded house or venue passes are null and void. The old “resume on a rope” is not permitted.» —Foo Fighters artist rider Feb. 25, 2000. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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