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muj  n.— «India should accept the Pakistan no war pact . Much of the army can then be removed from the Rajasthan and Punjab borders and sent to the valley to finish off the Muj once and for all .» —“Re: There is no solution to Kashmir...

bang in

bang in
 v.— «I banged in sick to work for 2 days to finish the last GRRM book!» —by Bill Tortolini Dabel Brothers Forums June 3, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

sag wagon

sag wagon  n.— «The van became very important to us during the week.…Because it picked up weary cyclists unable to finish the day’s route, it was dubbed the “sag wagon.”» —“Wheeling Away the Days” by...


DNF  adj.— «The worst finish has been dropped in computing the standing in classes that have completed five or more races): dns–did not start; pms–premature start; dnc–did not compete; dnf did not finish.» —“Winds...


DNF  adj.— «There is—or was—a cache there called “Valley View Too” which hadn’t been found since last May, though with only one “Did Not Find” logged since then. (Curiously, the caching slang for a failed search...

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