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Ultimate Slang Dictionary

When it comes to language, who’s the decider? Grant explains how grammar rules develop. Also, what’s tarantula juice, and what’s the difference between a muffin top and a smiley? We discuss these and other terms from Green’s...

West Word, Ho!

It’s a brand-new season of A Way with Words! Grant has big news, too: He’s used up his last Metrocard, packed up his belongings, and moved to the Left Coast. He reports on some features of California language there that are already...

Shining Me On

“Are you shining me on?” means “Are you trying to fool me?” But what does shining have to do with tricking someone? This is part of a complete episode.

barbecue summer

barbecue summer  n.— «After the spring bounce, summer has been a washout for investors. Those of us who were hoping for a barbecue summer on the bourses have been left staring glumly at cloudy skies.» —“After the summer washout...

Hoopoe Heads (minicast)

Martha talks about the hoopoe, that colorful, clownish, extremely smelly bird—with a likely linguistic connection to defrauded hedge fund investors.

nuff nuff

nuff nuff n. a crazy person, fool, or idiot. Also as adjective. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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