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sack dance

sack dance n. (originally) in American football, a showy celebratory dance performed after the take-down of a ball-carrying quarterback; (hence) especially in competitive events, demonstrative movements or gestures by a person in a (self-perceived)...

rock rental

rock rental  n.— «The dropped public records charge stemmed from what Sheriff’s Office spokesman Capt. John Fortunato called a “rock rental,” where someone loans an automobile in exchange for a rock of cocaine.» —“West...

soap scrimmage

soap scrimmage  n.— «The cost of admission to the scrimmage: a towel. In the past it has been a towel and soap scrimmage, but Kennedale Athletic Booster Club board member Kathy Duncan said there is a surplus of soap currently.» —“High...

fourth point of contact

fourth point of contact  n.— «Let’s hope that the Bills coaches get their heads out of their fourth point of contact for tomorrow nights game.» —“Yes! The Football Gods(tm) have answered!” by Doug Evans Usenet: rec...


futsal n. an organized form of indoor soccer. Etymological Note: Spanish fútbol ‘football; soccer’ (or Portuguese futebol) + sala ‘(large) room’ (or Portuguese salão) (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


fumblerooski n. in American football, a play in which the quarterback pretends to fumble and a teammate picks up the ball. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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