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Hawaii Five-0

Is the TV show Hawaii Five-0 named for Ford Mustang 5.0 engines in police cruisers? No, and it’s correctly typed with a zero instead of the letter “O.” This is part of a complete episode.

pill dough

pill dough  n.— «Cannelton Sgt. Eric Dickenson said he stopped Nugent’s red Ford Mustang on Indiana 66 because one of the car’s headlights was not working. During his search, Dickenson found loose cold tablets in a plastic bag and another...

tuner car

tuner car  n.— «Steve Saleen stresses that his cars are not tuner cars.…S351s are sold only as entire cars, not a bunch of pieces. And though they are certainly modified Ford Mustangs, they are production cars, not one-offs with...

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